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the world we have is big
what will you ask me to sing?
27th-Jan-2011 03:41 am - MOVED

any new icon posts by myself will be made there! feel free to keep this comm friended, though it will no longer be in use, and most of the icons were raped by photobucket anyway.
15th-Jun-2010 08:33 pm - i'm gonna be a part of it
Hey guys.

Due to personal reasons, I'm gonna be leaving theseiconsstink. Thank you guys for supporting me while I was here, and I hope you continue to support gakurans and continue using her icons.

As for me, my icons after this can be found at ilcielotreno. So, once again, thank you and have a nice day!
Kyon- and i think to myself
[174] Working!!
[106] Codename: Kids Next Door
[18] Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei
[7] Misc. Cartoons (Fanart)

welcome to our grand reopeningCollapse )

►This icon post is dedicated to cartoons. Rather, Kids Next Door and Japanese Artists different spin on cartoons. I don't know why I chose to icon this much, but. It's also dedicated to Working!! which is actually a lot better than I expected.
►Also, echoing gakurans's latest post. Watch Katanagatari. Right now. Also, same as her post. Waaaay too big, so no preview.
►Planning another all base post soon! Keep your eyes peeled.
Nozomu- but isn't it the same wherever
[253] Katanagatari ep. 1-4
{53 - TOGAME}

shall we blaze away together?Collapse )

→ go watch katanagatari
→apparently the post is too big, so NO PREVIEWS FOR YOU
[103] Ranma 1/2 {Bases and Fanart}
[82] Ouran High School Host Club
[32] Darkstalkers
[31] Katekyo Hitman Reborn {Gokudera Hayato; Kakimoto Chikusa bases}
[24] Haruhi Suzumiya
[20] Urusei Yatsura
[9] Misc. {Tokyo Akazukin, MOTHER, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei}

laughin' so sweet! i found you!Collapse )

►Here's another load of Ranma icons. SOME MAY NOT BE GOOD, that's what i get for making icons at 3 in the morning. Also some Gokudera and Chikusa bases. Standard rules apply, go ahead and use them how you want, color, edit, whatever! But if you put the finished product in an icon post, I ask that you at least drop me a PM Line. Kay? Kay.
►Also, I return to iconing from anime and not being lazy and putting up whatever looks good enough to put in a post. Urusei Yatsura is so hard to icon from I don't even know.
►Please credit!
►Comments would be great too!
Kyon- and i think to myself
[56] Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
[20] Katekyo Hitman REBORN! Manga Bases
(All Gokudera Hayato)
[11] Yatterman 2008
[8] MOTHER/Super Smash Bros. Brawl
[7] One Piece
(Trafalagar Law, Perona)
[4] Misc.
(Ranma 1/2 bases, Darkstalkers)

NOW WITH ONE PIECE ICONS. this is what happens when I rush through my posts

welcome to the worldCollapse )

►Hello everyone! First icon post done from my laptop. Just a bit of useless trivia for me and mainly me.
►I've been sitting on these Gokudera icon bases for a long time, so I decided to finally give them out. Not exactly high-grade must have stuff, but if you like, then I have done my part. Also, a few Pantyhose Taro icons that missed the mark. You know the drill! Color, edit, do as you please. If you use them in an icon post, tell me!
►Usual icon post rules apply. Comments would be lovely, please please credit.
Ranma/Shampoo- equal romance
28th-Feb-2010 11:25 pm - ☆ REQUESTS - OPEN ☆
no more than 5 icons each per user
will colour manga scans/b&w images
please give good references
no limit on people
must be a watcher of the community


3rd-Feb-2010 12:16 am - it's in the star above
ALL Ranma 1/2
[97] Manga Bases
[72] Incense of Spring Sleep OVA

why not fall in love?Collapse )

►So, uh! Happy super early Valentine's Day. I decided, mostly spurred on by finding the Incense of Spring Sleep OVA, to bring you this mini-icon post thing, full of nothing but Ranma icons. Don't worry, this is just a one time special thing only thing, so rest assured, a multifandom post IS coming soon! But until then, enjoy your super early Valentine'S Day post.
►As usual, feel free to do what you wish with the bases. Use them for roleplaying, edit, color, do what you wish! I just request that if you put any in an icon post of your own, you PM me just so I'm aware. Thank you, and enjoy!
►Comments = ♥
►Credit = Please. Also ♥♥
Kyon- and i think to myself
28th-Jan-2010 10:50 pm - bomberman it's bomberman
[56] Pokemon

[62] Yume Nikki

b-b-b-blowin' shit up all across the landCollapse )

→ juts my most active characters tonight, perhaps i'll do a mass dumping of mega man robutt masters at some other time in the near future
→ why the heck is red/gold called "polishipping"? obviously that's a stab at poke special!red and gold but where's my game!red and gold? QUICK POKEMON FANDOM MAKE ME A PAIRING NAME
→ i hope gage never sees this post oh god i feel like such a fangirl
28th-Jan-2010 09:58 pm - how dare you go against me
[7] Horou Musuko
[35] Sket Dance
{mostly my Tsubaki RP icons}
[52] Mega Man

[31] Various
{Ultimo, Pokemon, iPOD-tans, Broters!Link, Narutaru, Yume Nikki, Haruhi, etc.}
[17] Various Animu's
{Trapeze, Brigadoon}

i trusted your shitCollapse )

→ switched to imageshack, my was it stressful
→ next upload should be a huge dump of all my rp icons, they range from spr awesome to spr plain
→ anyone have a mass-uploading site easier to host icons onto than photoshit and imagesuck?
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